• Design-build renovation of franchised restaurant properties
  • New roofs, siding and shingles
  • New drive-through systems
  • Ceramic tile and base in all customer areas
  • New walls, ceilings, bead-board wainscoting, wall coverings, corrugated steel accents
  • Custom counters to implement merchandising strategies: see-though coolers, display rotisseries, sauce bars.
  • Eight flat-screen displays installed per store
  • ADA-compliant restrooms with new tile and fixtures
  • Custom media bars for dine-in connectivity
  • Food-grade ceilings in updated kitchens
  • Sales increases of 15% or more post-renovation

Lee’s Famous Recipe franchise restaurants in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky were overdue for major updates. In addition to refreshing the high-traffic stores, new menu items, customer dining patterns and merchandising strategies needed to be accommodated in the redesign.

Titan’s design-build approach is the most efficient construction process for renovations of this complexity. The lobby, seating areas and restrooms were gutted, and interior walls moved. New ceramic tile floors, bead-board wainscoting, wall coverings and ceilings were installed. A brighter, more colorful palette was introduced in tile, wall coverings and other elements, contrasted with industrial corrugated metal features. Eight flat-panel displays were installed in each restaurant.

Titan’s custom-built merchandising elements included a front counter that incorporates a see-through cooler, a counter to mount display rotisseries, and a sauce bar for self-service. The Titan skilled trade team also crafted media bars with 24-inch high-top counters and outlets for devices.

All restrooms received new tile, plumbing fixtures, sinks and countertops, and were brought up to ADA standards. In some stores, new FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) dropped ceilings were installed in kitchens for easy cleaning. Outside, new roofs, siding and shingles were installed for dramatically enhanced appearance and durability. The Titan design-build team also added new drive-through systems.

Results? Sales at Lee’s locations improved 15% or more after renovation. Ask Titan to help you build your restaurant business, too.